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“There is something in well worked wood that lures both hand and eye
— a vitality, a magnetism, a warmth that aligns with man’s very soul,”
writes Tom Melham in his book The Craftsman in America.

This describes the work of George Radeschi.



He exhibits an aesthetic based on a reverence for the beauty of solid hardwood, a love of simple shapes, and a rejection of applied ornament. In each of his one-of-a-kind solid segmented turnings, bowls and cutting boards/serving trays, he has worked native and exotic woods into an object that enhances every day living.



As you look through the site, savor the elegance of each handcrafted
piece. Whether a decorative turning or utilitarian bowl or
cutting board/serving tray, each finely crafted object has
a function. It brings beauty to our lives.


I love working with wood. Every specie has a different feel and look to its grain. Some grains are rough and dense. Others are smooth and spacious. As a result, each wood is worked differently and each piece presents a challenge.

I make my turnings, bowls and cutting boards/serving trays with woods from all over the world, including rosewood, goncalo alves and bubinga from Brazil and zebra wood from Africa. The oak, maple, ash, hickory and walnut I use come from my property. I cut down the trees, cut them on a sawmill and stack them to dry.

A combination of light and dark woods, cut in different ways to reveal varying grains, and separated with a thin line of holly or pear wood, highlights the beauty of the natural colors of the woods. No stains or dyes are used.

George Radeschi is one of the most creative and imaginative artists in wood that I have ever found. The architectural structure, color arrangement and the way George puts the pieces together indicate his great talent for creating fine art.”
-Nathan Ancell, co-founder Ethan Allen Furniture.

My inspiration comes from the ancient art of Egypt, Greece and Native America. When I saw a clay pot at a Native American exhibition, I decided to adapt the design to wood. The shapes of my turnings vary, but each one is a classic form arrived at through extensive research. Each vessel is made from hundreds of solid pieces of native and exotic hardwoods often formed in geometric patterns. Each piece of wood is meticulously measured, precisely cut, carefully glued to others, gently turned on a lathe and finished to a smooth patina.

I attempt new ideas in every turning. When successful, I take those concepts and adapt them to other pieces. Once a concept has been proven, I move outside my comfort zone to try new theories and techniques.

My one-of-a-kind solid-segmented bowls and cutting boards/serving trays are made with the same level of precision and creativity as my turnings.



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